Our Services

We are a full publishing company providing detailed book services which include book management and consultation, editing, book design (interior/exterior), paperback/hardback/e-book conversion, audiobook production, social medial book design, book lead magnet,  and more. All authors receive 100% royalties on their book(s).


A new service we now provide includes unique publishing funding/crowdfunding resources with our publishing partners. Be sure to ask about these services during your free book consultation. See below!

Our Services

At AMJP2, we provide the following publishing services:


  1. Developmental Edit 

    1. We will check for all typographical errors, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. We will also address language-usage issues and provide minor recommendations for improving the overall flow of the text.

    2. We will restructure sentences where needed and we will provide a focus on consistency and style (e.g. which abbreviations are used, how numbers are referred to, which words are hyphenated, what fonts are used for headers/sub-headers, etc.).

    3. We will also review the content and the quality of your manuscript, addressing organization, transitions, tone, voice, and complexity. For fiction titles, we will check for plot holes and character inconsistencies and we will make suggestions as to the book’s dialogue, pace, and clarity. A review of your revisions in response to our initial edit is included.

  2. Cover Design

    1. We will design three mockups of your cover to your specifications, including using any photos you like, and we allow you two sets of revisions as part of our package. This service includes the front cover, spine, and back cover.

  3. eBook Conversion & Distribution

    1. We will convert your book by hand into a fully-formatted eBook compatible with all eReading devices and make it available for sale with all 14 of our eBook Retail Partners, which includes your free ISBN.

  4. Royalties

    1. You will receive 100% of your royalties (generally 70% of the retail price) and retain 100% of your intellectual rights.

  5. Images and photographs

    1. We are happy to include unlimited images/graphics/photographs at no additional charge.

  6. Paperback Design & Distribution

    1. We will layout and design a paperback edition of your book and distribute it through all of our paperback partners, including Amazon.com, Amazon Europe, BarnesandNoble.com, BooksaMillion.com, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and virtually all other online booksellers.

    2. You will also receive another free ISBN plus five free copies of your book.

    3. You will have the ability to print books with us and have us ship them directly to you or your family/friends/customers. There is no minimum purchase requirement and we can ship all over the world. You can view our printing cost calculator here and our royalty calculator here (scroll halfway down the page).

    4. There is an additional $0.99/page for all books with pages beyond 200

  7. Hardcover Design & Distribution (must be requested – not included in packages)

    1. We also offer the design and distribution of a beautiful hardcover book; however, the printing costs will be higher.

  8. Monthly and/or Quarterly Sales Statements

    1. You will have access to monthly and/or quarterly sales statements. All pricing and other “metadata” decisions are yours to make.

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