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Dr. Anita is the founder, CEO, and Publisher of AMJP2. With a rich background as s psychotherapist and organizational psychologist, she uses her background to identify the psychology behind being an author, attracting speaking opportunities, and becoming globally visible. She guides each author through the process of becoming a sought-after author, speaker, and expert in their own industry. To find out more about Dr. Anita, visit her website here www.dranitamjackson.com

Dr. Anita M. Jackson

Michelle Radomski

Michele comes to AMJP2 as our Senior Graphic Designer providing an undeniable and high quality of design services to ensure that each author is powerfully represented in their brand, message, and business.

Pamela Garrison

Pamela is our Senior Book Manager supporting Dr. Anita and all our authors through the publishing process. She is also our  host for our online TV and podcast show, "Meet The Author."

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