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At AMJ Productions and Publications (AMJP2), we help entrepreneurs, like you, fulfill a lifelong dream or business goal in sharing their message with the world by becoming highly recognized and credible authors in their field, brand, message, and business. We provide one-of-a-kind full publishing services that support authors in seeing their book become a reality within a short period-of-time.  We’re a proud member of IBPA – Independent Book Publishing Association, the largest publishing agency in the US allowing us to offer more marketing and promotional services to all our authors.

Our Mission and Agency Statements

Our Publishing Mission

AMJP2 is the headquarters to supporting and promoting transformational messages of leaders, coaches, and experts through publication services for books, online magazines, and other publications and production and broadcasting services such as online media in radio, podcasts, and TV.

Dr. Anita's Publishing Mission

Women are sorely underrepresented in the speaking world, especially women of color. Dr. Anita is on a mission to help more women receive the same opportunities she has in the speaking industry. Depending on each author's book will determine Dr. Anita's level of support and referral regarding speaking opportunities within their massive network.

Our Publishing Agency

As part of our publishing services, AMJP2 is now in partnership with 15 e-Book retail partners to distribute your e-book and paperback through all of our publishing partners such as, Amazon Europe,,, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and virtually all other online booksellers.

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HER Global Voice Final Cover
Women of Courage Women of Destiny
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Becoming Outrageously Successful Book Co
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March Issue UWM 2018
September Issue UWM 2018
Unleashed Cover February 2015 Issue
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